Wholesale and Reseller Information

For 26 years, WOLFiES has been roasting nuts that are, according to our customers, a taste sensation like no other. So extraordinary are our nuts, we were featured on the Food Network

You’ll find our nuts do well in all kinds of venues from grocery stores and gift shops to bars and sporting events. 

WOLFiES nuts are often an impulse buy but once they try our nuts they keep coming back for more.  Our nuts sell themselves.  So, they provide a ‘natural’ way to help increase store traffic.
WOLFiES offers special services and discounts for wholesalers and resellers of our products.  

In addition to special bulk purchase discounts, we can also provide our wholesale customers or resellers with:            

  • Private labeling

  • Point of purchase displays

  • Priority delivery

  • Extended credit

  • Input to new product development               

If you are interested, please register as shown on the right.

Become a Wholesaler or Reseller?

It’s easy. Either contact WOLFiES  directly and we'll get you set-up.


Or, just follow these steps:

  • Create a retail account
  • Email your business license to Sales 
  • WOLFiES will send an agreement for your signature
  • Once we confirm your status, we'll update your account

From then on, just log on to your account to access your wholesale or reseller information.

WOLFiES will work with you to make this is a profitable relationship for both of us.