Fundraising Information

WOLFiES fundraiser is a sure fired way to raise money. WOLFiES has helped schools, sports teams, churches, civic organizations and other not-for-profits like yours with their fundraising for almost as long as we have been roasting our nuts.  We make it fun, easy and profitable.

WOLFiES provides everything you need to be successful.  Starting with our premium quality nuts that are so tasty they build repeat business year after year.  So extraordinary are our nuts, we were featured on the Food Network.

In addition, WOLFiES offers your group purchase discounts and a proven program that includes:

  • Fundraising tips including checklists, reference guides, publicity ideas & ready to use templates 

  • Private labeling & posters announcing your fundraiser

  • Priority delivery with delivery day announcements and checklists

  • Control over profit margins … your group determines the sales price

Whether your organization plans to sell our gourmet nuts at an event or you plan to solicit orders, we can provide the tools your group needs.

If you are interested, please register as outlined on the right or contact us directly and we'll be glad to discuss our approach and get you started.



Become a Fundraiser?

It’s easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Create a retail account
  • Send us a copy of your not-for-profit license to Sales or fax it to 1.866.889.NUTS (6887)
  • WOLFiES will send you an agreement 
  • Once we confirm your status, we'll update your account
  • We'll provide our fundraising programs

From then on, just log on to your account to access your fundraising information.

WOLFiES will work with you to make this is a successful fundraising opportunity for your organization.