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US Magnum Hops

Has no real distinct aroma character, so is viewed favorably as a clean bittering hop. First super alpha variety grown in Hallertau region of Yakima Valley.  

Used for all Ales and Lagers especially German styles.

Plum Wine Base

Plum Fruit Base for wine making contains Italian variety plums, large delicious black-purple fruit with yellow-green flesh, from Oregon.

Belgian Triple

Our Tripel contains one pound of light Belgian candi sugar to create a high gravity beer that is golden in color with a creamy, white head.  This kit has plenty of dried malt extract and specialty grains to accent its complexity.  The hops create a mild, spicy character.

Please click here for recipe.

Yeast Nutrient

Used in beer brewing and wine making, Yeast Nutrient gives your yeast the nutrients it needs to keep it healthy for a complete fermentation.

1 tsp. per gallon. Contains: Food Grade Urea & Diammonium Phosphate