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Dingemans Special B 1 lb

Dark caramel color used for specialty beers.

Flavor contributions:  heavy caramel, raisiny 

Wolfies Gift Certificate

If you are not sure what to give or if you need a gift fast, WOLFiES offers Gift Certificates.

WOLFiES Gift Certificates can be redeemed online, by phone or at our store.  There are no purchase restrictions and no expiration date. So, your recipient can buy whatever, whenever they wish. 

And, if you're in a hurry, we can notify the recipient the same day by e-mail of your gift.

Deluxe Jet Bottle Washer

The Deluxe Jet Bottle Washer attaches to your faucet to deliver a concentrated stream of water specially designed to clean carboys and bottles.

Easily attaches to almost any faucet (adapter may be required). Stainless steel construction. Automatic soft closing valve avoids banging on pipes.

Crystal/Caramel 90L 1 lb

Gives a pronounced caramel flavor tending towards sharp and a red to deep red color.

Flavor contributions:  pronounced caramel, slight burnt sugar, raisiny, prunes

Black Malt (patent) 1 lb

Black malt provides the color and sharp flavor found in stouts and porters.

Flavor contributions:  coffee, intense bitter, dry