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Classic Kits

New To Brewing?

We recommend an American LightAmerican Cream Ale or a Muntons brew kit for first time home brewers. These kits are simple to brew and make excellent entries into home brewing.

You may also need basic brewing equipment if this is your first time brewing.


Try a kit like a Rye Pale Ale, Continental Pilsner, European Bock or Vienna Lager. These kits require extra steps and a more exacting process to achieve best results. We recommend you have a few successful brews under your belt before trying these tasty brews. 

Need Help?

Our BrewMaster can trouble shoot.

Pecan Halves
Delicious fresh roasted mammoth pecan halves.  Slow roasted using our time tested process.

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Maltodextrin, derived from starches, is used to improve the mouthfeel and body of your beer by increasing the specific gravity of the finished beer.

Maltodextrin is less than 5% fermentable and has no flavor. Use up to 8 oz in 5 gallons to increase body and mouthfeel. 


Munich and chocolate malts combine to create a darker, maltier version of its lighter counterpart, Hefeweizen.  Amber-brown in color yet medium-bodied with a slightly sweet, bready flavor.  A specialty wheat yeast produces the characteristic phenols found in traditional Weizens. 

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Olde Pub Mix

This blend of our fresh roasted nuts has quickly become our most popular - our take on the traditional nut mix served in bars and taverns.  Our custom blend combines our Crunchy Roasted Nuts with our traditional Slow Roasted Nuts.  This blend includes Whole Almonds, Jumbo Cashews, Crunchy Roasted Classic Nuts and Crunchy Roasted Macadamia Nuts plus our famous Jumbo Redskins blended in perfect proportions for the ultimate in gourmet taste.

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