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Home Brewing

New To Brewing?

It's easier than you think. 

If you can boil water and follow instructions, you can make great beer.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Get educated (see Getting Started overview)
  2. Get equipment & ingredients/kit
  3. Brew
  4. Enjoy


We love to talk brewing.

Whether it’s tips, advise or to talk about the latest beer or wine you made. Let’s talk.
Contact our BrewMaster.

Having Trouble?

We can help trouble shoot.

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Maltodextrin, derived from starches, is used to improve the mouthfeel and body of your beer by increasing the specific gravity of the finished beer.

Maltodextrin is less than 5% fermentable and has no flavor. Use up to 8 oz in 5 gallons to increase body and mouthfeel. 

Safbrew S-33

Robust ale yeast able to tolerate high alcohol conditions (up to 11.5% v/v). Used to produce a wide range of beer styles including Belgian wheat and Trappist beers.

Available in 11.5 g sachets. 

Flaked Grain

Flaked Grain is often viewed as adjuncts to the mask. It can add depth to any style of beer. 

All of our Flaked Grains are pregelatinized, which enables the brewer to produce an unlimited variety of beer styles without using a cereal cooker.

Sack O' Nuts
Use our build your own feature to fill your sack with Fresh Roasted Nuts. Choose from a large selection of our delicious nuts to create that personal touch. Rest assured that fresh roasted nuts from Wolfies are just the right treat for any season.