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Safbrew S-33

Robust ale yeast able to tolerate high alcohol conditions (up to 11.5% v/v). Used to produce a wide range of beer styles including Belgian wheat and Trappist beers.

Available in 11.5 g sachets. 

Scottish Ale

Our Scottish Ale is full of caramel malts, both in the extract and specialty grains.  Chocolate malt, roasted barley and a touch of smoked malt bring this full-bodied, malty ale to completion.

Please click here for the recipe.

Olde Pub Mix

This blend of our fresh roasted nuts has quickly become our most popular - our take on the traditional nut mix served in bars and taverns.  Our custom blend combines our Crunchy Roasted Nuts with our traditional Slow Roasted Nuts.  This blend includes Whole Almonds, Jumbo Cashews, Crunchy Roasted Classic Nuts and Crunchy Roasted Macadamia Nuts plus our famous Jumbo Redskins blended in perfect proportions for the ultimate in gourmet taste.

Please click here for NUTritional Facts.


Safbrew T-58

Known for its high ester, spicy and peppery flavour profile, able to tolerate high alcohol conditions (up to 11.5% v/v).

Available in 11.5g sachets.